• Who We Are

    Together in This is a movement birthed from within the community of EastLake Church in Seattle, WA.

    Our goal is to facilitate a conversation on Sexuality, Inclusivity and The Future of the Church.

    We hope to accomplish this by offering various resources to assist church leaders as they explore leading their congregation to a more open spirituality.

  • Full Inclusion

    Follow our story and hear about our journey from the beginning.

    The Beginning

    Time Magazine Article

    Though EastLake Church's journey began years before this article, their public journey began here.


    One Powerful Story

    Christina Cobb, an employee at EastLake Church, shares her story which would go on to change things forever.

    The Statement

    A Major Turning Point

    On January 25, 2015 EastLake Church made their formal declaration for full inclusivity and participation at all levels of their church.

    The Events

    Ongoing Conversation

    EastLake Church held two events in 2015 that went deeper into their decision for full inclusion. With a variety of speakers, a wide range of topics were covered from the Bible to the biological side of sexuality.

    The Song

    The Message In Music

    Local Seattle recording artist David Lunsford recorded the song that would eventually become the title of this movement.

    One Year Later

    The State Of The Church

    After one year passed since their inclusion statement, EastLake was a very different church.

    The Launch

    We Are Together In This

    EastLake Church Executive Pastor George Mekhail officially launched the next phase of "Together In This" with this message.

  • Documentary

    Together in This: A Documentary on Sexuality, Inclusivity & The Future of the Church

    Coming Soon!

    Local storyteller and filmmaker, Grant Enloe is directing a documentary to share the entire “Together In This” story with the hopes of inspiring other communities of faith to make a stand for inclusion.


    Support the ongoing production!

  • Engage

    This conversation needs your voice. How can you help move the dialogue forward?

    Help us reach as many people as we can.

    The impact of this conversation, depends on our collective participation. Your donations will initially go towards funding the documentary and capacity building to engage evangelical churches.

    Be the hands and feet of our program.

    As we continue to develop these resources, your partnership is critical to impacting real change. Email us with ideas, questions, stories and encouragement to fuel this movement!

    For churches looking to move towards inclusion.

    We want to hear from you. We'd love to resource you and stand in solidarity with you on this journey.

    Email us, your information will be kept anonymous.

    Your Story Matters!

    By capturing more real life stories of how others have navigated sexuality & inclusion in the church, we can humanize a conversation that too often relies on hypotheticals. Reach out to us if you'd like to share yours!

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