• Our Mission.

    "Together In This" is a Non-Profit Organization advocating the importance of a clearly communicated policy in churches.


    We believe that there is no justification for ambiguity. Policies are an active reality in every church. Even when they are not communicated, they do exist and they are enforced.


    Our mission is to emphasize to churches that if your policy is unclear, your policy is unloving.


    The Cobb's story is one of our many inspirations.


  • Why Clarity?

    Ambiguity is so engrained in our church culture, we hardly notice it as an issue. Our entire experiment is founded on the simple question: "Is Clarity Unreasonable?" The content below explores this question more broadly through a variety of mediums.

  • By Deborah Jian Lee, Published by Religion Dispatches

    This article takes an in depth look at the urgency facing evangelicalism. It also provides additional insight into the story behind Clarity and the intersectional nature of our cause.

    By George Mekhail, Published by Religion Dispatches

    After several failed attempts to connect directly with Pastor Judah, this letter was published in hopes to further a discussion that leads to clarity. So far, there has not been a response.

    By George Mekhail, Delivered at EastLake Community Church

    In his farewell message at EastLake, George shares more about his journey and why ignoring our differences causes us to be further divided.

    By Elizabeth Dias, Published by TIME

    In January 2015, this TIME article featured Seattle area, EastLake Church and several other communities and their journey towards full inclusion.

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  • The Team.

    Learn more about the founding members of our team.

    George Mekhail

    President, CEO

    George launched "Together In This" in June of 2016 initially emphasizing inclusion as the mission. Eventually, arguing about theology and what the Bible says became secondary to the cause of clarity that captured his passion. He is now obnoxiously enamored with this nuance, and has slowly adapted this cause to the mission of Together in This.


    Born into a Coptic Christian home in Cairo, Egypt, George's family immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. He was the Executive Pastor at EastLake Community Church before, during and after their public statement of full inclusion for the LGBTQ community in January 2015. His experience in leadership at a church during seasons of ambiguity, and the stark difference of leading after clarity, has instilled the perspective that fuels this evolving work. He is also the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at the historic Riverside Church in the City of New York.


    You can invite George to speak at your church or event here and also follow him on Twitter!

    Gary Hale

    Provisional Board of Directors

    Gary launched Bayshore Community Church in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 2014. He took Bayshore through the conversation around sexuality & inclusion in the summer of 2016. You can read more about his story here. He is excited about the opportunity to dialogue with church leaders and help shape healthy conversation within the church.

    Christina Cobb

    Launch Team and Production

    Christina has been a part of the Together In This team from the start. Previously, she was a music leader at EastLake Community Church. Her story has in large part inspired this movement! In November of 2016, Christina released her first solo album "The Beauty of it All" which is available on Spotify.



    To learn more about Christina, watch her story here.



    Grant Enloe

    Documentary Director

    Grant is the originator and director of "Together In This: The Documentary". He is a full-time professional videographer and storyteller, and considers the work of Together In This to be his passion project. Check out Grant's work by visiting our YouTube Channel.


    everything ELSE that we do

    Just like any startup or new venture, there are about a dozen or so humans who are helping us get up and running. Special thanks to these amazing people for believing in this mission and working for free!



    For more information on how you can be a part of our crew, click here!


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